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Testimonial of Harsh Shah

I Harsh Shah, age 16, recently went to Dr Nita Shah for my eye treatment, she being my family eye doctor. She advised that I had a dysfunction in my cornea which needed immediate treatment. The medical term being “Corneal Collagen Cross Linkage with Riboflavin” was advised. I was scared about my surgery but she put me at ease saying that it is not harmful & painless. After the surgery I am dong much better with my left eye. All thanks to “Dr Nita Shah & her Team”.

Harsh Shah - Student

Testimonial of Dr Vidya Giri Shankar

Happy with the procedure & personnel. Dear Dr. Nita Shah, It was a pleasure watching you operate. I really appreciate the deftness & neatness of job & above all the inspiration that you are for us young female doctors. Keep up the good work. God bless you.

Dr Vidya Giri Shankar - Daughter of Mrs Shailaja Girishankar

Testimonial of Mrs Lata Savla

It was a nice experience. Excellent management including time management. Very cooperative staff and above all caring & touching attitude of Dr Nita with broad smile & sweet tongue. Thanks.

Mrs Lata Savla - Housewife

Testimonial of Mrs Purnimaben Shah

The whole experience of operation was very easy, simple & comfortable. Staff is very cooperative, well informed & cautious. The anxiety of “An Operation” disappeared when I met the doctors & staff. Very good experience. Surely will recommend to family & friends. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Mrs Purnimaben Shah - Housewife

Testimonial of K Vijayaraghavan

As per appointed time the surgery went very smoothly. Dr Nita Shah & staff have taken much care during operation & post operation period. There was no pain at all. I can read without spectacles. Clinic has all modern facilities & everything is in order. Thanks to the Doctor for giving my vision back. My best wishes for the Doctor & staff.

K Vijayaraghavan

Testimonial of Mrs Vijaya Krishnan

Dr Nita Shah is very thorough, meticulous & patient. All necessary details have been mentioned in the file for future reference. Excellent & friendly staff. Overall a full satisfactory experience.

Mrs Vijaya Krishnan - Housewife

Testimonial of Mr. Seokumaar R Jain

Dear Madam, The first encounter, established a very positive effect, as your patient. Repeated visits further strengthened the bond and my confidence leading to the two eye operations conducted very satisfactorily. Leading to the choice for eyes problem solutions for my wife also. I wish you all success your expanding activities.

Mr. Seokumaar R Jain

Testimonial of Mr. Sambhunath Banerjee

I convey my thanks & gratitude to Dr Nita A Shah for the help & guidance from preoperative to the post operative period. I did not feel any problem or irritation in the eye either during operation or in the post operative period so far. Thanks once again.

Mr. Sambhunath Banerjee

Testimonial of Mrs. Sharmila Arte

Patient friendly environment & staff. Hygienic & well managed clinic. Sweet talk & good nature, post operative care, helps buildup confidence in patient. Keep it up. God bless you. Thanks

Mrs. Sharmila Arte

Testimonial of Mrs Smita Mehta

Excellent pre care, post care & helpful staff. Good idea to put T.V. for live operation procedure. Clean & hygienic environment. Thanks.

Mrs Smita Mehta

Testimonial of K. T. Paul

Thank you Dr Nita Shah for conducting my Right Eye cataract surgery. It was beyond my expectations so good short time no pain but many gains & clear vision. Now I am more confident & looking forward to get the Left Eye also operated. Your clinic is neat, clean & well arranged. Your entire staff is very cooperative, well behaved, need a special mention.

K. T. Paul

Testimonial of Mr. Mahavir Shah

I am very much satisfied. At the age of 83 year I got my both eyes operated without having minute pain. Doctor has given me new sight. I had lost hope for my one eye but Dr Nita Shah is very much smart, skill handed, sweet spoken. Thank you Doctor May God Bless You.

Mr. Mahavir Shah

Testimonial of Prafulla Gala

The operation was done in a systematic & hygienic manner. The staff was very co-operative & affectionate.

Prafulla Gala - Housewife

Testimonial of Javed Khan

Excellent! Very much satisfied. No problem at all regarding the treatment provided. All were very polite.

Javed Khan

Testimonial of Mrs Saraswati Pillai

Excellent treatment good ambience, nice staff, nothing to advice also. Keep it up.

Mrs Saraswati Pillai

Testimonial of Mrs Vijay Gokral

Did not feel any pain during the operation or even after. It was most satisfying experience. Dr. Nita Shah has very steady hands in operation, has sound knowledge in microsurgery & very convincing in the beginning & end too. I am so confident in her that I would rather go for cataract extraction with IOL of my right eye. My vision is clear. Thanks & God bless you Dr Nita Shah. Fixed my date on 6th Feb. 13 for right eye.

Mrs Vijay Gokral

Testimonial of Mr. Edmin Fernandes

Operation is conducted very scientifically method and all staff members are very co-operative and explains every point to make sure that the patient is understanding. I am very happy with Dr Nita Shah & her staff member. May almighty God bless her institute & family.

Mr. Edmin Fernandes

Testimonial of Mrs Vijaya Gokral

As I entered the OT, I was in full confidence, happiness & a wonderful chance to see the world clearly which was denied by my eyes. Dr Nita Shah just took 20-30 minutes & done the job precisely with her expert hands. The feeling that she has done well & I will do better rang in the air, hope to help my relatives and friends to say & tell them that there is a ‘Top Surgeon’ in our beloved chembur. A Goddess in disguise. Many many thanks to dear Dr Nita A Shah. I & my family will never forget you.

Mrs Vijaya Gokral

Testimonial of Janardhan G M

Dr Nita Shah well explained me the monofocal & multifocal lens but she left to me the decision making selecting one. I am happy to choose suitable to me. Operation was painless. I was comfortable the day itself.

Janardhan G M

Testimonial of Mrs Zaverben Chheda

Everything was very systematic. The process was also simple. The behavior of the staff is worth appreciating. We are satisfied with your service.

Mrs Zaverben Chheda

Testimonial of Mr Ankush Jadhav

I am now feeling very fine. I am extremely happy & satisfied with your kind service. Thanks to you for operating me in a kindly manner. Thank you a lot for giving me this chance to express my view in front of you.

Mr Ankush Jadhav

Testimonial of Mrs Kalawati Gogikar

Operation was very good & satisfactory. I would like to recommend all the patient who are suffering from eye problem to go to “Aayush Eye Clinic” to Dr Nita Shah.

Mrs Kalawati Gogikar

Testimonial of Mrs Meenakshy R Iyer

We would like to thank the doctor& her assistants for vendering / conducting the cataract extraction professionally & for the attentive & caring post extraction advice.

Mrs Meenakshy R Iyer

Testimonial of Mrs Zaverben Chheda

All the arrangements were very good. The staff & all the doctors are also recommendable. We had a quite satisfying experience.

Mrs Zaverben Chheda

Testimonial of Daughter of Mrs Suhasini Mangaonkar

Its pleasure experience in your eye clinic. You have done my mother’s right eye cataract operation. It was very nice and comfortable. Thanks to Dr & co-staff.

Daughter of Mrs Suhasini Mangaonkar

Testimonial of Mrs Anita Nikam

Good service. Feeling more comfortable after operation.

Mrs Anita Nikam

Testimonial of Mr Ravindra Rane

Excellent service! Feeling much better after operation.

Mr Ravindra Rane

Testimonial of Mrs Indira Ghodke

Nice staff & excellent service!

Mrs Indira Ghodke

Testimonial of Mrs Ammini John

The whole procedure was very comfortable. The staff here is very pleasant & Co-operative. Very homely environment. Dr Nita is very approachable. The instructions given are all very clear & easy to understand.

Mrs Ammini John

Testimonial of Husband of Mrs Sabirabee Khan

1. Hospital staff is good & co-operative
2. Good machinaries & well trained staff
3. Good & experienced doctor (Dr Nita Shah)
4. After operation my wife is happy & visibility is also improved.

Husband of Mrs Sabirabee Khan

Testimonial of Mr Edmin Fernandes

This institutions hospitality, staff members co-operation & Dr Nita Shah’s treatment is really good. May almighty Lord bless this public institutin & the staff members.

Mr Edmin Fernandes

Testimonial of Mrs Ananthalakshmi S

Good support staff, cleanliness is maintained, efficient doctors. Would really appreciate if you keep the appointment for surgery at the mentioned time.

Mrs Ananthalakshmi S

Testimonial of Mr Abdul Raquib Ansari

1) In my operated eye we seen a fast recovery.
2) No Pain
3) Painless recovery done by doctor
4) Any type of difficulty of eye is not seen
5) All over operation well done.

Mr Abdul Raquib Ansari

Testimonial of Mr Mohan Kanjur

Dr Nita Shah is excellent as is her support staff. I am extremely satisfies with the facilities provided to me. Your byline “BECAUSE WE CARE FOR YOUR COMFORT” is very apt.

Mr Mohan Kanjur

Testimonial of Mrs. Shalini Gite

Efficient Doctor, good supportive staff, cleanliness is maintained. Would really appreciate if you keep the appointment for surgery at mentioned time.

Mrs. Shalini Gite

Testimonial of Dr Rupa Mehta

I was suffering for months from severe headaches. I consulted Dr Nita Shah & she immediately diagnosed my bilateral cataracts. She advised that we use multifocal lenses instead of the monofocal ones for the cataract surgery. Within two weeks cataract surgeries were performed on both the eyes. The surgeries were totally painless & very quick. The most amazing thing was the immediate recovery & perfect vision post-op. Today I am spectacle free & can see both near & far clearly. Thank You Dr Nita.

Dr Rupa Mehta

Testimonial of Narendra Kalra

To Friends, My vision was very poor due to cataract in both eyes & affected my ability to drive, read & see clearly. My family doctor referred me to Dr Neeta Shah. My experience has been wonderful. Dr implanted lenses in both eyes; I noticed a great improvement in vision right away. This is fantastic! Dr Nita Shah made me feel very comfortable. She took great care & time to explain in detail each step to be taken to correct my vision. This was by far the best experience I’ve ever had with a doctor. She is extremely interactive with her patients always asking if we had any questions, always explaining. Since I work in the professional field myself, I have a tendency to look for problems in clients comforts but with Dr Nita Shah my experience was truly wonderful. Dr Nita Shah, one of a kind. It feels so good to see clearly again!! Similar was the experience by my wife Gaytri Kalra.

Narendra Kalra

Testimonial of Prof B. S. Bhat

I have been consulting Dr Nita Shah for all my ophthalmic problems for over five years at Aayush Eye Clinic. I have found her to be not only competent but also very patient & systematic in her approach to the problem. Dr Nita shah has performed surgical procedure on my eye on two occasions - once for correcting a drainage malfunction and second time for cataract removal. I was fully satisfied on both occasions. I am thankful to Dr Nita Shah for her treatment & affection.

Prof B. S. Bhat (Father of Dr Subha Rao)

Testimonial of Dr Rekha Khatri

Aayush Eye Clinic is not a clinic it is a sacred the moment you entre you have a serene feeling; all your fears are gone! Next when you meet madam listen to her melodious voice while she is examining you, your confidence grows and you feel vow! You have reached the right place. What I personally admire about her is her vast knowledge about the subject & timeless hard work from day to night & yet appealing fresh for each patient. Whenever I have had queries for my Glaucoma she is always available to explain elaborately without any hurry. I have seen the Eye Hospital growing from past at least 2 decades with sheer hard work. It now has all the amenities required for complete eye problems i.e. investigations with latest machines. I remember madam telling me that for other women it may be their jewellery, but for me there are my jewels. As you see she is always so simple & easily approachable. Hats off to Aayush Eye Clinic & the WOMAN behind it, a surgeon, a wife & above all a loving mother & a dear friend to all.

Dr Rekha Khatri

Testimonial of Dr Mahalakshmi Srinivasan

We have known Dr Nita Shah for over the last 20 years & I don’t think there is anyone in our large joint family of cousins, nephews, uncles & aunts who has not been introduced to Dr Nita’s eye care in this period. Both of our parents got their cataract done by Dr Nita Shah. We can go about narrating several such events in our family & we can never forget those moments after all it involves ones vision.
Recently my sister’s sons’ wedding was fixed & he was ailing with a peculiar vision problem & my sister was very much worried. She was not happy with the various consultation & treatments suggested by the doctors in Chennai where she was based. She had her son happen to come to Mumbai & we took them to Dr Nita Shah. She came up with an ‘Out of the Box approach’ to the problem & that surprised all of us. She took pains to explain to us the pros & cons of the alternatives in front of us & her recommendation. It was very convincing & my sister did not hesitate to go ahead with Dr Nita’s recommendation. Her son came down to Mumbai for the treatment & today the problem is fully addressed & it is history.
We are very glad to see the way she has been growing over the years & the recently expanded & aesthetically furnished clinic is very impressive. Her effort to rope in the specialists in the field to support her patient’s needs speaks of her professional approach to her practice. Her confidence & conviction in her approach in our view is the key differentiator apart from her professional competence & brilliance which one can experience in the surgeries she undertakes.
We wish her the very best & we are very pleased to note that she is becoming a name to reckon with in this part of the metropolis which she has earned by her relentless effort & perseverance.

Dr Mahalakshmi Srinivasan - M.D. Pathology

Testimonial of Mr. U V Venkappa

My Cataract removal experience was fantastic. I had no discomfort at any time. There was no pain after the surgery. I was released about 1 hour after arriving at the surgery centre.

Mr. U V Venkappa

Testimonial of Mrs. Shambai Honnur

We are happy with your overall services.

Mrs. Shambai Honnur

Testimonial of Jeena D’souza

Excellent staff. Well planned. Hygienic environment.

Jeena D’souza

Testimonial of Mr. Ramasamy S

Extremely happy with the treatment. Pre operative & post operative support given was excellent.

Mr. Ramasamy S

Testimonial of Mr Bhagat Ailsinghani

Service & operation was done excellently. Staff is very cordial & helpful. I am happy & satisfied.

Mr Bhagat Ailsinghani

Testimonial of Son of Mrs Sunita Pawar

I had taken my mother for cataract surgery, right from the reception the process & hospitality was extremely good, I did not have any issues in any place. All departments work very cordially & very cooperative staff. I wish all the best to AAYUSH EYE CLINIC team. I’ll recommend all who need eye treatment to AAYUSH EYE CLINIC.

Son of Mrs Sunita Pawar

Testimonial of Mrs. Mamta Sarvade

Satisfied with service.

Mrs. Mamta Sarvade

Testimonial of Mrs. Baby Vaity

Treatment & explanation is well & very good.

Mrs. Baby Vaity

Testimonial of Son of Mr. Harishchandra Wadekar

My father has under gone cataract operation & he is very happy for the treatment he got during operation. Staff has attended him very carefully. Staff is very co-operative & kind. They even guided us on the post operative care in a very simple manner. We are grateful to all staff of Aayush Eye Clinic.

Son of Mr. Harishchandra Wadekar

Testimonial of Mr Shripat Arote

It’s a painless surgery. Softness, taking a very much care. Good experience without pain.

Mr Shripat Arote

Testimonial of Mrs. Meenakshi C N

Extremely satisfied & happy with the procedure. Will certainly refer to friends. Everybody very co-operative. Thanks.

Mrs. Meenakshi C N

Testimonial of Mr. K G Madhava Kurup

My cataract extraction was done in 20 to 25 minutes as an out patient. I was very comfortable during the entire procedure. The services rendered were excellent. I appreciate the pre & post operation care taken by the entire team & also thanks to the instructions given.

Mr. K G Madhava Kurup

Testimonial of Mrs. Vinita Mangaonkar

The staff is very helpful & organized. Everything was properly taken care off. Hospital is maintained very well. Everyone is co-operative.

Mrs. Vinita Mangaonkar

Testimonial of Mr. Mahesh Bhanushali

I have been operated twice in your hospital on 5th & 8th July 2013. Myself & my family were very happy with cleanliness of hospital, support & service by all staff. I particularly thank you for my operation & post operation treatment & the way you are talking, treating & pursuing all people like your personal relative. Thanks once again for everything my best wishes to you. “God bless you”

Mr. Mahesh Bhanushali

Testimonial of Mrs. Nirmala Jha

Well Techno-equipped hospital with supportive staff very co-operative especially Ms. Lakshna with good & clear communication to patient. We are thankful to Dr Nita Shah & staff. Also would like to request for “Cash-less Insurance” facility.

Mrs. Nirmala Jha

Testimonial of Mrs. Naseem Fatima Rizvi

We like the service which provided by you. It was so fast & accurate. We are satisfied by admitting our mom in your clinic. In future anyone wants an eye treatment we will surely suggest the name AAYUSH EYE CLINIC hope they will be satisfied too like us.

Mrs. Naseem Fatima Rizvi

Testimonial of Mr. & Mrs. T V Srinivasan

Aayush Eye Clinic at Chembur, headed by Dr. Nita A Shah Ms (Bom), Consultant in microsurgery of eye & Laser, together with & sophisticated machines & qualified & experienced staff with smile, active & prompt in excellent services is a well determining & confident clinic, to entrust all our eye problems to them. I & my wife underwent cataract surgery & we are quite satisfied at present. We wish the all success.

Mr. & Mrs. T V Srinivasan

Testimonial of Mrs. Chandra Bhatia & Dr. Rinku Bhatia

Excellent personalized attention by doctor & very good care by support staff. Special mention about Ms. Lakshna, who made the patient feel very comfortable & very helpful & co-operative. All the best to everyone at Aayush Eye Clinic!! Thanks.

Mrs. Chandra Bhatia & Dr. Rinku Bhatia

Testimonial of Mrs. Hawabi Kazi

Medical care & nursing care is good. Behavior of staff is good. Clear information is given to the patient. Personal attention is given. Supportive service. Cleanliness is maintained.

Mrs. Hawabi Kazi

Testimonial of Mrs. Saroja Padmanabhan

This is one of the best & easiest methods of cataract surgery that I have seen. The experience was good. The staff per say are very efficient & take good care of the patients.

Mrs. Saroja Padmanabhan

Testimonial of Mrs. Bharti Gore

The experience was very nice & there is nothing to complain. Post-operation I am very comfortable. Thanks a ton to Dr. Shah.

Mrs. Bharti Gore

Testimonial of Mrs Koshi Somaya

Doctor Nita & here efficient staff thank you so much for understanding the pain, explaining in an efficient manner.When I was operated for surgery I felt no pain or discomfort at all. Thank you Dr. Nita because of you I can see beautiful world. The credit goes to you & to your staff. 3 Cheers for Dr. Nita Shah & Staff. Hip Hip Hurray, Hip Hip Hurray, Hip Hip Hurray.

Mrs Koshi Somaya

Testimonial of Mr. Prakash Mohanani

I am thankful to Dr & team the way they treat patients with polite talks. I feel better now.

Mr. Prakash Mohanani

Testimonial of Mr. B S Gurav

I am feeling better after getting operated.

Mr. B S Gurav

Testimonial of Mrs. Vaishali Desai

Felt better. Staff also explained me better.

Mrs. Vaishali Desai

Testimonial of Mr. Kamal Kumar Fulwariya

I am feeling very good.

Mr. Kamal Kumar Fulwariya

Testimonial of Mr. S A Chavan

The environment is good in clinic. Treatment is satisfactory. All doctors & Staff take good care of patients.

Mr. S A Chavan

Testimonial of Mrs. Hema Dingreja

I am happy with the results & very good doctor & staff. They explain each & everything to patient & relativeduring the whole procedure. Overall it is the best Eye Clinic.

Mrs. Hema Dingreja

Testimonial of Mr. Subramanian

Clean hospital with good equipments & co-operative staff & doctor. Thanks for the arrangements for seeing the surgery to the family member.

Mr. Subramanian

Testimonial of Mrs. Farida Khan

My experience about operation is very good. I am satisfied with all the procedure during operation. Thanks to the doctor for her kindness.

Mrs. Farida Khan

Testimonial of Mr. Madan Rawat

Good Experience. Friendly staff. Operation smoothly carried out.

Mr. Madan Rawat

Testimonial of Mrs. Harvinder Gujral

On the whole it was a very satisfying experience for me. The best part of your hospital is your transparency (Treatment on LED Screen) which very less hospital provides. The operation was really good & I can experience it through results. Thank You so much!

Mrs. Harvinder Gujral

Testimonial of Mr. Sunil Wagh

The patient is feeling very good after operation of the eyes.

Mr. Sunil Wagh

Testimonial of Mrs. Mamta Palande

You treated well. Excellent treatment.

Mrs. Mamta Palande

Testimonial of Mr. Sudhir Gawde

Very good & co-operative staff including Dr. Nita Shah. I can recommend to my friends. Thanks.

Mr. Sudhir Gawde

Testimonial of Mr. D T Dhulia

Excellent service by well experienced & knowledgeable doctor Nita Shah. Very co-operative & decent staff. Hoping for more in future. WISHING YOU ALL HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

Mr. D T Dhulia

Testimonial of Mrs. Deepa Bisht

Slight pain in left eye, blurr vision, experiencing slight headache.

Mrs. Deepa Bisht

Testimonial of Mr. P G Vadhavkar

Congratulations & Thanks for the excellent service provided to me by Dr. Nita Shah along with all other doctors, assistants, during my cataract extraction with intra ocular lens implantation.

Mr. P G Vadhavkar

Testimonial of Banaji Bhere

Doctor gave me good treatment & clinic is also good. Gave facilities regarding my problem. Thank you to all staff & doctors.

Banaji Bhere

Testimonial of Mr. Mohan Kanjur

The operation carried out for cataract wa very pleasant. I did not feel any tear or pain. The co-operation & co-ordination in the clinic is very good.

Mr. Mohan Kanjur

Testimonial of Mr. Anant Bedekar

Very nice & good staff. Nice treatment.

Mr. Anant Bedekar

Testimonial of Mr. Ratanakar Chandekar

No trouble. Feeling good. Thanks.

Mr. Ratanakar Chandekar

Testimonial of Mr. Shaukat Ali Khan

No pain. Feeling better. Experiencing good.

Mr. Shaukat Ali Khan

Testimonial of Mr. Ratnakar Chandekar

Feeling good. Will surely refer to my friends & relatives.

Mr. Ratnakar Chandekar

Testimonial of Mrs. Khadija Shaikh

We are quite satisfied as our Mother has been treated in an excellent way & due to which she is very happy. Thanks & best wishes.

Mrs. Khadija Shaikh

Testimonial of Mrs. Sangita Kelkar

Excellent conduct of operation & treatment.

Mrs. Sangita Kelkar

Testimonial of Mr. Avinash Shinde

Feels Good.

Mr. Avinash Shinde

Testimonial of Mrs. Hasina Inamdar

It was painless operation, & there is no pain or any effect after operation. It was a quick operation with very good result.

Mrs. Hasina Inamdar

Testimonial of Mrs. Sulochana Dhandapani

Aayush Eye Clinic got me a very professional but friendly experience, & an excellent well co-ordinated team. Dr Nita Shah’s diagnosis & treatment are second to none & I will happily recommend her to others.

Mrs. Sulochana Dhandapani

Testimonial of Mr. Rizwan Baig Son of Mr. Alam Baig

You have done my father’s cataract operation yesterday. Now he is feeling well after operation.

Mr. Rizwan Baig Son of Mr. Alam Baig

Testimonial of Dr. Mita. Shah

Excellent. Very happy.

Dr. Mita. Shah

Testimonial of Mr. S S Jawale

Feeling very good. Due to operation vision is improved compared to earlier. Treatment given here is very good. Thank you.

Mr. S S Jawale

Testimonial of Mrs. Jayanti Mukharjee

I am feeling good after my operation. The staff & doctors are very dutiful. I am satisfied with their impressive behavior. Hope they will move forward more with their vision towards their mission.

Mrs. Jayanti Mukharjee

Testimonial of Mrs. Nirmala Bhatt

Extremely happy about the treatment & attention. No post operative problem. Thanks a lot.

Mrs. Nirmala Bhatt

Testimonial of Mrs. Kamrunisa Shaikh

Excellent ob. Keep up the good work.

Mrs. Kamrunisa Shaikh

Testimonial of Mr. Amol Ashokrao More

“It has now been slightly more than two months since; you performed my mother’s Cataract & Glaucoma surgery. In that period of time, my mother’s life has changed immeasurably for the better because of the improvements to her vision. I cannot begin to describe all the ways in which it has changed, from being able to see a raindrop to being able to read signs & billboards & menus without glasses. When I first came to you my mother just figured you would remove the cataract with some Windex & she would see well. Now she really do have vision that’s as good as it was when she was a young. Ok, so she has to wear glasses to read, depending on the light, but that’s a small price to pay for the ability to read the time on her watch in a dark room.
They have been a few people in my life whom I would consider to be angels, & you, Dr. Nita, are one of them. What you have done for my mother is far beyond anything that I dreamed of & it really has changed my mother’s life for the better. From the first moment I came into your clinic, your staff treated her with kindness, courtesy & respect & made feel that she was an important part of their day.
I have said it before & I’ll say it again: anytime, anywhere, anyway that I can ever be of service to you in the smallest way within my abilities to do so, you have only to ask. I owe you & your staff so much. No one could ever do wrong by coming in your clinic for help with their vision, especially with respect to cataract & Glaucoma Surgery.

Mr. Amol Ashokrao More - Son of Mrs Manda A More

Testimonial of Chitra Narayanan

I have been under the expert care and guidance of Dr Nita Shah since she performed the cataract operations for both of my eyes in the year 2005 and early 2006. After the operations, I have been under her post operative care in terms of regular check-ups, medicines, eye drops etc and also for preventive GLAUCOMA. The expertise and care that Dr Nita Shah gives for her patients, her well laid out clinic with modern equipment; the trained and courteous staff etc are commendable and inspire confidence in the patients. No doubt Aayush Clinic, Dr Nita Shah is well known and popular in the eastern suburbs.

Chitra Narayanan

Testimonial of Mrs Bharti Gandhi

I have always been wearing glasses since the age of 3 and being able to see through my own eyes seems like a boon to me. My experience in doing LASIK has been completely comfortable. Though I was a bit nervous a day before but on that day I had full faith in aunty Nita, who has been seeing my eyes for the last 10 – 15 years at least. It was only a matter of few minutes before the surgery was done and there was absolutely no pain or any discomfort. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who would like to see with their own eyes, that feeling is indescribable! And I absolutely love the new me…. My eyes!

Mrs Bharti Gandhi - Manager, Accenture Consulting

Testimonial of Miss Sheetal Kulat

I am very thankful to Dr Nita Shah for the confidence she gave me to undergo this LASIK surgery. The surgery was not painful at all. I am very happy to get rid of glasses & lenses today. Thank you.

Miss Sheetal Kulat

Testimonial of Kunal Mangal

Dear Dr Nita Shah Madam,
It has been a great journey from being checked for eligibility for LASIK surgery to the moment the surgery got over. My whole family is really thankful to you for gifting me the long awaited dream of seeing perfectly through naked eyes. A week before the surgery, I never thought that I will be having such miracle in a week’s time, but all was possible due to your confidence, love and affection. I had a great experience during the surgery; I mean to actually see you taking the flap were very exciting!! Post surgery my eyes are doing well, I have been putting drops as per schedule. In the end, I would like to say that I would not have got my perfect eyes, if you were not there…..

Kunal Mangal

Testimonial of Sejal S Marathe

I had the LASIK surgery on my eyes, and I am very happy to share my experience. The operation was absolutely painless and I immediately noticed the difference in my eye sight from very next day. I had a steamy vision immediately after the operation but the eye drops worked very well, and I started seeing the things absolutely ok from the very next day. Now it’s almost a month and I have no trouble with my vision at all. I am a singer by profession & singing in various musical concerts in India & abroad. I was very uncomfortable on stage when I was wearing spectacles but now I am enjoying singing & performing on stage after LASIK. I thank Dr Nita Shah & the staff of Aayush eye clinic for the fantastic work they have done & wish them all the success. Thanks a lot.

Sejal S Marathe - Singer

Testimonial of Ms Pranali G Ware

I had gone through LASIK operation. It was really a good experience. I was very scared with operation but doctor helped me a lot to feel relax. Now my vision is so clear. Now I feel very free. No lenses, no red eyes, no pain. Thank you so much for giving me new looks also.

Miss Pranali G Ware

Testimonial of Shaikh Abdullah

Thanks for the successful LASIK operation of my both eyes by Dr Nita A Shah. I was using contact lenses for many years. After LASIK it was a relief for me. By Dr Nita Shah’s advice I did the LASIK as soon as I was eligible for it & am really thankful to her.

Shaikh Abdullah

Testimonial of Riddhi M Mehta

I got the LASIK done a week ago & it’s an amazing difference. No looking for glasses the first thing on waking up, no glasses fogging up on stepping out from AC & I can now wear the fanciest sunglasses without wondering whether they can make them with prescription glasses. The procedure is absolutely painless & as yet I have had no post-operative complaints. It’s just so convenient. I am very glad I got this done.

Riddhi M Mehta

Testimonial of Anuj Sachdev

I has undergone through the LASIK operation under the supervision of Dr. Nita Shah. I have been consulting her for the last 10 years. Being a front line staff in one of the leading travel agencies in Dubai, it was quite embarrassing to wear thick glasses (Right Eye +5.00 & Left Eye +4.75). The laser operation was conducted on the 22nd Feb. 2007. The results have been marvelous. I was advised that I would still need glasses after the operation however post operation, during my initial reading test the doctor advises that would no more need glasses. The operation is harmless, safe & has no side effects. The only medication required is prescribed eye drops post laser operation for a limited period. There is a dearth of Doctors in the UAE, I recommending my friends the same treatment. Going forward I would like to thank Dr Nita Shah & her team. It was definitely worth the trip. All the way from Dubai to get operated for my eyes.

Anuj Sachdev

Testimonial of Falguni Doshi

I had very high number in both my eyes. I couldn’t see anything without spectacle or lenses. I was using lenses every day, but there was a period when the lenses started troubling me a lot. At that time I thought of doing LASIK. I was worried a little what would happen after LASIK. But now I am very happy because I can see without lenses or spectacles. The procedure was very simple. It dint hurt me. Doctor’s support was too good during LASIK. They treat very well. So I suggest everyone to do LASIK under Dr Nita Shah.

Falguni Doshi

Testimonial of Deepti Motwani

Finally!!!! I am spectacle free…. Being scared from past 10 years, Mom & I found courage, after talking to one of my cousin. She had undergone LASIK performed by Dr Nita Shah. We latter realized my grand mom had done her cataract surgery by the same doctor, long back.. I went for LASIK consultation to doctor…. Even after having so many years of experience she didn’t over commit, like most other doctors might do.... After few days of consultation, check up of retina & cornea she told me, full correction of number is possible.... I got over excited after hearing that.. I had decided to take extra care precaution as advised by doctor.... you need to commit yourself you will follow her instructions & advise, & you will live a normal life without pains, a clear vision & certainly less / no dependence on spectacles…. I even appreciate her patience, for answering my small little queries on phone too because of being separated with distance....

Deepti Motwani

Testimonial of Aditi Chandarana

After developing allergies to Contact lenses, I decided to undergo the LASIK Surgery. I was initially apprehensive but after speaking to the doctor I felt confident to go through the surgery. The surgery was quick & painless. The results are instant. I underwent the surgery a week ago & now I feel extremely comfortable & relieved. I thank Dr Nita Shah for her help & advice.

Aditi Chandarana

Testimonial of Neeta V Koli

I was operated on 4th June for LASIK by Dr Nita A Shah. The experience was very good. It wasn’t the way I expected. I thought the operation might take hours though the doctor said it will complete very fast. I was operated in matter of just 10 minutes without anesthesia. I could see everything happening. Immediately after the operation, the vision was “fog” but it got better the next day. I am very happy, I could see everything very clearly just like any one else without spectacles. I am feeling good to see through my natural eyes, thanks to Dr. Nita A Shah.

Neeta V Koli

Testimonial of Abdul Qavi

I Mr. Abdul Qavi 22 years old electronics engineer always aspired to have a 6/6 eye vision & wanted to get rid of spectacles.
So, I consulted “Dr Nita A Shah” (Consultant in micro surgery of the eye and LASER). She advised me to go for the “LASIK” treatment. Before LASIK I had number RE -5.75 & LE -5.5
When I entered into the operation room, I was a bit nervous, but it was just a 15 – 20 minutes painless operation. Too much emphasis was given by the doctor on the sentence “PLEASE CONCENTRATE IN THE CENTRE OF GREEN LIGHT BETA!!!” I did the same.
Finally, it was a successful operation & now I have normal eye vision (6/6). All thanks to MIGHTY GOD, my family & Dr Nita A Shah for being supportive throughout!!!

Abdul Qavi - Electronics Engineer

Testimonial of Pushpa Bhatia

My name is Pushpa Bhatia, my age is 43 yrs. I underwent LASIK surgery for my eyes. I have just finished one month. The long distance no. is gone completely but for near I have to wear spectacles. But I am very happy because I don’t have to wear spectacle or lens which is a very wonderful feeling. I dint feel any discomfort or pain after LASIK. The operation was successful for long distance. No discomfort or any regrets after the operation.

Pushpa Bhatia

Testimonial of Abhijeet Dalvi

I am a 28 years old Technical Consultant. I entered Aayush Eye Clinic in Nov 2011 with heavy eye infection (Red Eye) in my Right Eye due to inappropriate & excessive use of contact lenses. Once it was cured, I was told that I won’t be able to wear lenses again as my eye won’t accept the lenses again. For that matter I tried new pair of lenses but got infection within a week as told by doctor. This was a major set back for a person like me who was heavily dependent on lenses for almost 12 years due to huge refractive number. After using specs for almost a year I made up my mind to undergo LASIK. It’s hardly 10 minutes procedure but requires considerable efforts to get ready for it by mind & heart both. I was tested well before my operation to determine various factors like my eye strength, which technique to use. Throughout this period Dr. Nita Shah was very supportive, boosting my confidence all the time. So on 7th March 2013 I underwent LASIK. Operation was carried out by Dr Nita Shah herself. May be that was one of the biggest reason, I was so confident on that big day. To tell you more about the procedure, it is very short process with each eye taking merely 3-4 minutes. First a precise machine opens a flap on each eye & then laser beams do its job to restructure your cornea. There was absolutely no pain during entire procedure & even after that. Once done I was asked to take as much rest as I can in next few days. I noticed my vision getting better & better as time passed & after 2-3 days I was able to see everything clear as it can be. Today I can tell you with own experience that there is life before LASIK & after that. Those 10 minutes are life changing ones. One needs to have faith in him/herself in LASIK process & of course in doctor & if you have chosen Dr Nita Shah then you are in SAFEST hands. I am thankful to Dr Nita Shah for all the support she gave me mentally & emotionally throughout this life changing procedure. Today there is only 1 question in my mind “WHY I DIDN’T OPT FOR LASIK EARLIER?”

Abhijeet Dalvi

Testimonial of Ms. Manasivini Sridharan

I had suffered from short sigh & Astigmatism since my school days. When I was around 18 yrs old, I wanted to undergo Lasik surgery & get rid of glasses & contact lenses permanently. However my changing vision made me wait a few more yrs. Finally, at 22 yrs, I consulted with Dr. Nita Shah & after a few routine eye tests; a date was fixed for the procedure. I reached the venue on the appointed time with my parents & waited anxiously for the procedure to start. Shortly I was administered some pills & taken into the operation theater. Dr. Nita Shah’s helpful guidance throughout the surgery helped me remain calm & reassured. The only pain I felt throughout the procedure was a slight uncomfortable feeling. Within 15 minutes, the surgery was completed & before I knew it I was at home resting. The rest of the day, my eyes were sore & gritty. But the very next day, they were restored to an almost normal state of being. Now my vision is perfect. Thanks to Dr. Nita Shah!

Miss. Manasivini Sridharan

Testimonial of Ms. Jyoti Singh

Dr. Nita Shah you are like a God for me. I am thankful to you my dear Dr. Nita A Shah. Because of you I am able to live my life as I can it’s all because of you. I consulted Dr. Nita A Shah she adviced me to go for (LASIK). Means before LASIK operation I had number in my eyes RE: -13.00Dsp LE: -14.00Dsp. The operation is painless. Operation was just 15-20 min & finally it was a successful operation. I myself was not expecting to get such clear vision from my eyes, but you made it better than my expection. It’s all because of you. I am very happy to get Dr. Nita A Shah. A big thank you to u. Dr. Nita A Shah may God give you a long life. God bless you forever be happy always. You are the best & best Doctor in the World.

Miss. Jyoti Singh

Testimonial of Dr. Pratiksha Nair

I was referred to Dr. Nita Shah, 8 years back by one of mom’s colleagues. I am still grateful to her referring me to one of the best ophthalmologists. As years passed by, I was getting more & more comfortable & one fine day. I decided to get rid of colorful spectacles since I was very sure that I was in safe hands. That was the day I was firm on getting LASIK surgery done. Though my parents were slightly worried, finally they had to bow down to my decision. Then came the day which changed my life totally. Before the surgery, I was very apprehensive seeing all those huge machines. But the moment Dr. Nita Shah confronted me; I knew it would just be a cakewalk for me. Post-operative changes were immediately evident as I could see my car coming from far off the road. I am really grateful to you, Dr. Nita shah for materializing one of the toughest decisions I ever made. Thanks You so much!!!

Dr. Pratiksha Nair

Testimonial of Ms. Nikita Dadlani

Having had to wear high power spectacles from a very young age, I have been looking forward to get away from them all my life. Contact lenses were a temporary respite, but still only temporary. Even before I turned 18, I’ve wanted to get Lasik done, but Dr. Nita Shah advised me to wait till my number is stable. Recently, I consulted her if I could get my Lasik done, (I am 22 now) & not only did she give me a clean chit, she also alleviated my parent’s doubts & fears over the next few weeks before we fixed a date! On the day of my operation, I was a little nervous, which made me realize how important it is to only have someone you trust for your eyes, & how lucky I was to have Dr. Nita Shah. The operation went by very smoothly & swiftly thanks to Dr. Nita Shah clear & encouraging instructions. It has been a week since the operation now, & I think it is one of the best feelings in life to wake up & instantly see clearly without search for your spectacles! Free at last! All thanks to Dr. Nita Shah.

Ms. Nikita Dadlani

Testimonial of Prabhaben Vinodchandra Savla

Dr. Nita Shah is an ophthalmic eye surgeon in chembur east, Mumbai. Dr. Nita A Shah practices at Aayush Eye Clinic at chembur east, Mumbai.
Dr Nita Shah is known for practicing services in Cataract surgery, Glaucoma Treatment, Yag Iridotomy, Corneal Surgery, Pediatric Glaucoma, Squint, Oculoplasty surgery & Implantable Contact Lens.
Dr Nita Shah has all the latest machinery in her clinic through which she takes care of the patient’s eye. Patients whoever comes to Dr Nita Shah need not have to go anywhere else for any kind of eye problem. She is very kind & soft spoken eye doctor in chembur east with experience of more than 28 years.
Dr Nita A Shah is like a family eye doctor for our family. She has done lot of treatment & eye operation to our family. Dr Nita Shah has done cataract surgery on both my eyes in the year 2001, routine eye check up; recently she is doing a treatment on my lost vision by Intra Vitreal Injections. Even my husband was operated by Dr. Nita Shah for cataract surgery.
She even takes care of patient with Diabetes & other medical related problem affecting eyes. She calls patients regularly for eye check up & takes care of their eyes so that no further eye problem occurs. She has a team of qualified staff who helps Dr Nita Shah in her day to day work & running the clinic very smoothly.
Dr Nita Shah has also open a ready to wear eye glasses counter in her clinic so that a patient coming at her clinic has not to go anywhere. So according to me I feel she is the best ophthalmologist not only in chembur but in whole Mumbai city.

Prabhaben Vinodchandra Savla - Mahavir Stores

Testimonial of Ms Asha Nana Madane

I Asha Madane, earlier had Squint & every body use to tease me by various names. That time my life was under frustration & tension. Nobody wanted to become my friend. When I came to know that at Dr Nita Shah’s clinic my treatment is possible I immediately took appointment & within 10 – 12 days I underwent operation successfully. Now I feel very positive & feel how beautiful this world is. It was possible only because of Dr Nita Shah. And most important good news is that after operation my marriage also got fixed. Thank you Dr. Nita Shah.

Miss Asha Nana Madane

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