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    Mes Lunettes - Our Optical Outlet

Spectacle Dispensing

Having an eye examination is only part of the process of getting a new pair of spectacles. The best most accurate prescription in the world counts for nothing if the spectacles have not been dispensed accurately. Dispensing opticians are qualified and registered with OCI and AIO to retain their registration they spend much time updating their knowledge through continuing education and training programs making them experts in their field. From a patients perspective the objective is simple, to see clearly through a pair of spectacles that are going to enhance rather than detract from their looks. The expertise needed to achieve that goal is somewhat more complex.

At Aayush Eye Clinic, we have skilled Optometrists to assist you in selecting the pair of eyeglasses that will work best for your lifestyle. At the optical counter in our clinic-Mes Lunettes, you can browse over the wide selection of frames and sunglasses that we stock.

Mont Blanc
Hugo Boss
Mercedes Benz

Whilst we stock all the major designer names we also cater for those not so interested in “branded” products. What ever your preference you’ll find we are more competitive than you think but with no compromise on quality.

Besides the latest in frames, we offer some of the best lens products.

Breakthrough Technology

Breakthrough Technology

Modern materials and technological breakthroughs in both design and manufacture mean we have fantastic lenses at our disposal. We all appreciate the need for brilliant lenses in an excellent camera and now spectacle lenses can be made to the same exacting standards, the difference being that spectacles lenses are bespoke, made individually for you. Exactly where and how they are centered and fit in relation to our eyes, the angle they sit at and the distance from your eye is really important. Even the best lens in the world won’t perform at its best if you have not been measured and fitted properly. Every pair of spectacles we supply also goes through an exhaustive checking process ensuring you get exactly what you ordered. To us dispensing isn’t just choosing a fashionable frame. It’s a whole discipline in its own right.

Progressive lenses are true “multifocal” lenses that provide a seamless progression of lens strength, so you can see at any distance. Optimum-vision runs the length of the lens to allow for each distance: Look up to see far away clearly, look ahead for intermediate vision, and look down to read or complete other close-up activities.

The optometrist

The Optometrist’s role @ Mes Lunettes

The optometrist should ensure that all patients are fully advised of their needs for spectacle frames and lenses and that all spectacles are properly measured for fit and are fitted to the patient and are checked against relevant standards.

The optometrist should ensure that, when supplying spectacles to a patient, all appropriate measurements are taken for the lenses and frame, that checks are made against the relevant Standards, and that the spectacles are fitted to the patient to ensure that the lenses are fitting in the correct plane, at the correct height, and the frames are adjusted to hold the spectacles in the correct position.

The outlet believes that the dispensing of all spectacles or other optical appliances sold or supplied should be carried out by or under the supervision of an optometrist. This applies even if the sale could otherwise be conducted by an unregistered person.

The practitioner should decide what is in the best interests of the patient.

At Mes Lunettes we ensure that, at the point at which the spectacles are supplied, the following steps have been completed:

  1. The purpose and function of an appliance is fully and clearly explained to the patient and should be suitable for their particular needs;
  2. Prior to ordering the appliance, facial, frame and other appropriate measurements have been taken as necessary and recorded;
  3. The spectacles are appropriate, accurate, and conform to the appropriate standards;
  4. The spectacles correspond to the written prescription or sight test record;
  5. The finished spectacles are checked on the patient for fit, function and comfort and any necessary adjustments made before they are taken from the practice. This should, where appropriate, include checking against a letter chart or equivalent to ensure the correct acuity is obtained;
  6. The patient is provided with advice on the use and maintenance of the spectacles.


When supervising dispensing, the actual work of supplying the spectacles can be delegated but the supervising practitioner remains responsible for the whole process of supervised dispensing.

The supervising practitioner must be on the premises at key stages of the dispensing. The optometrist should ensure, when supervising a person who is supplying spectacles to a atient, that the supervisee is aware of the need to:

  • take appropriate measurements for the lenses and frame;
  • check the lenses against the relevant Standards;
  • fit the spectacles to the correct plane and height; and
  • adjust the frames to hold the spectacles in the correct position.

The supervising practitioner should satisfy themselves that any person under their supervision is able to carry out these measurements or adjustments, or where this is not the case intervene as necessary to ensure these are carried out correctly.

Where the supply of spectacles is made under the supervision of a registered professional, the supervisor retains full responsibility for the supply. The supervisor must be on the premises, aware of the procedure and that they are supervising it, and have known, understood and accepted this role and their responsibilities. The supervisor must be in a position to, and able to, intervene if and when necessary to ensure that no untoward consequences to the detriment of the patient can arise from the actions of such a person who is being supervised.

If any supply is carried out under supervision it should be clear, on a daily basis, which registered professional is responsible for supervising the supply. The practice should ensure that supervisors are able, practically, to fulfil their supervisory role.

The supply of spectacles without practice support or individual consultation regarding patients’ measurements, visual requirements, verification and aftercare can put the patient at risk. A dispensing service should not be provided by a procedure where the aforementioned measurements, requirements, verification and aftercare cannot be ensured. These important patient safeguards should apply to any supply of spectacles whether regulated or unregulated. If an optometrist is supervising the supply of spectacles s/he must ensure that they are in a position to intervene in the supply and exercise clinical skill and judgement if necessary.

Patients have a right to have their prescriptions dispensed wherever they choose. However, they may be unaware of the potential difficulties that this may create if things go wrong, particularly if they have a complicated prescription or lens form. Optometrists may wish to warn patients of the potential pitfalls if they separate prescribing and dispensing and the clinic has designed a form of words which members may wish to use on their prescriptions.

‘You have a right to have your prescription dispensed wherever you choose. However, as prescribing and dispensing of spectacles are closely linked it is best to have your spectacles dispensed where you have your eyes examined. It is often more difficult to resolve any problems you may have with your spectacles when prescribing and supply are separated’.

Ready-made reading spectacles

Ready-made reading spectacles

As with any other optical appliance, when selling or supplying a pair of ready made reading spectacles the optometrist has a duty of care to satisfy him/herself that the appliance is suitable for the patient’s needs.



Not all.Get bifocal vision without the bifocal look. Progressive lenses help increase edge-to-edge clarity and offer a full range of vision correction, from up-close objects to those in the distance. There’s no taking off one pair of glasses to put on another and no peering over the bifocals as your grandmother may have done. Progressive lenses allow a more natural, flattering way of seeing your world so the marginal extra cost is more than justified.
If so, ask about anti-reflective coating. If you have problems with glare from overhead lights or experience starbursts and tails from lights during nighttime driving, an antireflective coating such as Crizal Forte UV may be right for you. Mes Lunettes offers a 6 month scratch warranty on this product for your benefit. To find out more about Crizal and its benefits, please contact us.

If so, transition lenses could be right for you. Many of our patients have problems with light sensitivity. At Mes Lunettes, we understand the value gained from a good pair of sunglasses that is why we offer transition lenses to our patients. These lenses adjust to light conditions automatically for the comfort and sun protection of the wearer.

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