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Should I have LASIK?

November 2014 by Dr Nita Shah

Your eye laser procedure needs to be as individual and unique as you are. Your decision on when and where you have your eyes improved needs to be just as individualized. In this post, Ill answer the question, Should I have LASIK laser eye surgery?

 LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

Why I Chose LASIK Laser Eye Surgery?

I had been a successful contact lens wearer for many years, but I started to notice that my eyes had some irritation after using my eyes all day.

In addition, I had seen one of my friends develop serious complications from their contact lenses. Sight threatening corneal infections and permanent scars are dangerous complications of contact lenses.

She was actually much more careful and fastidious about her contact lenses than me. I was risking my eyes by leaving my contact lenses in overnight occasionally. I knew that LASIK could free me from the risks, hassles, and expense of contact lenses.

Conquer your fears

Conquer your fears and act NOW

The final straw in my decision to have LASIK laser surgery came while staying in Goa and lost my Contact lens. I did not enjoy my trip as I could not take part in any water sports, no parasailing, no swimming…….it was Terrible.

I stayed there for a week.Then I realized how ridiculous my predicament was. I didnt have to live like this. I was so blind I couldnt even drive a bike!

I could have my eyes fixed and get rid of my disability! I had more chance of being eaten by a bear or run over by a bus than having a problem from LASIK and I knew it. That night I decided to have LASIK.

Laser Eye Surgery

Why Choose Laser Eye Surgery?

I have heard many good reasons over the years. Some want to change the way they look by removing their glasses or the red lines in their eyes. Some want to improve the way their eyes feel because they suffer from their contacts.

Many are worried about what will happen if they are ever caught without their glasses like having to find a child in an emergency. First responders and hunters worry what will happen if their glasses fog or their contacts slip at a dangerous or important moment. Many are tired of dust and wind robbing their vision just when they need it most. There are many that want the better quality vision that many find from LASIK laser eye procedures.

Finally, some just desire to be the best that they can be and view curing their visual disabilities as a good way to improve their overall health and wellness. In the end, you can spend your money on many different things, but the only way to really spend money on yourself is to spend it literally on you rather than your material things.

surgery with LASIK

Should I Get Laser eye surgery with LASIK?

Laser eye surgery is not the right choice for everyone. Some have problems laser cant solve while others have poor eye health that would make laser unwise. I would recommend that you see a high quality laser eye surgeon to find out your specific risk profile.

You then need to consider how much LASIK would improve your life. If your risks are low and your motivation for improving your eyes is high then you will probably decide laser eye surgery is a great decision for you.

Whether you are chased in by a bear or simply cant bear to wear your glasses or contacts another day, if I can help you with your individual decision, please schedule a time to meet with me at my office or drop me a note.

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