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The LASIK Surgery Procedure

November 2014 by Dr Nita Shah
Risks of Lasik

Are you worried about the Risks of LASIK?

I have performed LASIK for 16 years and have been a serious student of refractive surgery for all of those years.

Lasik eye surgery

What is the Procedure of LASIK Eye Surgery?

  • I have helped many through the procedure of LASIK eye surgery.
  • You arrive at our laser center and sit in a comfortable chair.
  • You are given a relaxant pill.
  • Numbing eye drops are instilled followed by a disinfectant to clean around the eye. Minutes later, you enter the laser room and lie down on the laser bed.
  • I would explain every step of the surgery so you are not taken unawares.
  • A second set of eye numbing drops are placed, then a couple of marks are made with a surgical marker.
  • You will not feel the marker touch.
lasik surgery

What Does LASIK Eye Surgery Feel Like?

I will outline exactly what LASIK eye surgery may feel like. There are some that feel parts more while others notice less. I will break the procedure into three parts: The Flap creation and the eye laser procedure.

lasik flap

Creating my LASIK Flap

You are asked to look at the green flashing light and then a small eyelid holder is placed on the right eye so that you wouldnt blink during the procedure. A small suction device is touched to the white part of the eye, the green light disappears and it all goes dark. Again, it is painless.

You may hear the vacuum pump whirl and some patients feel a deep pressure while the suction is on while 90% dont feel it at all.

Thirty seconds later the suction is turned off and vision instantly returns with the green blinking light.

lasik details

What are the LASIK Details

Now for the actual LASIK details of the eye laser procedure. As soon as the beautiful corneal flap wed just created is lifted, the vision gets blurry again. It does. You are asked to stare at the green light located just above. This fixation light is much blurrier than you would anticipate. It maybe a large smeared blob, so just stare at the center of the blob.

You can hear the gentle tap, tap, tap of the laser start. It was only on for about 30 seconds.

The flap is then replaced in its natural position and left to heal for two minutes. The eye remains completely numb and you have no sensation during the entire procedure.

At the end of the two minutes a few eye drops are placed on the eye. Moisture drops instantly make your vision clearer.

The same eye laser procedure is repeated on your left eye.

Laser Eye Surgery Procedure

Your Laser Eye Surgery Procedure

We individualize your laser day to meet your specific needs so that your experience should be as simple and easy as was mine.

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