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What to Expect Before and After Lasik

November 2014 by Dr Nita Shah
Pre operative

Pre operative:

  • You are required to stop wearing Contact Lenses prior to surgery approximately 7 days for soft lenses, 2 weeks for toric lenses and 2-3 weeks for RGP lenses
  • You can take your regular medicine
  • Eat light breakfast or Lunch
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Do not use creams, lotions, eye makeup (stop from today), perfume, hair spray or wear earrings on the day of surgery
  • Use antibiotic drops and lubricants prior to surgery as advised
  • You must be accompanied by a responsible adult on the day of surgery
after Lasik

What to expect after LASIK:

  • When you get off the Laser bed, some of you may notice a slight improvement in the vision instantly. Most of you will however notice your vision to be blurred. Patients have often described their vision as the steamy vision as if looking through a foggy windshield
  • Rarely there may be a bandage contact lenses in your eyes {most patients dont need them}
  • Immediately after surgery, you are advised to wear dark glasses and then go home and get some rest. Your eyes may look red, feel slightly gritty and water. One eye is usually more comfortable than the other. This is quite normal and will persist for a few hours. You may watch television by the next day of your surgery if you wish
  • The eye drops prescribed to you have to be put in the eyes, as advised for at least a month. The eye drops may be put in any order but try to leave a gap of around 2 minutes in between them. Do not force your eyelids, open with your fingers; rather have a relative or friend gently insert the drop from a distance of 2 inches above your eyes whilst you stare at the ceiling to avoid injury during drop instillation
  • By the morning after your surgery, you should be seeing much better. Patients can usually read the hands of the clock by the bedside and some times even across the room
  • You may take a body bath, below the neck on the day after your surgery. We advise a shampoo only after 4-5 days after the operation. After your bath, put in the eye drops as a precaution against infection
  • No swimming for 4 weeks.
  • No eye makeup or hair dye for a month. The concern comes from makeup contamination with bacteria, allergy or reaction to makeup, or physically bumping your flap or scratching your eye during the delicate phase of healing
  • Though your vision will be much better within 48 hours after the surgery, remember that you have undergone a major surgery and your eye takes time to heal like any other part of your body. Full healing of the eye takes several months, though this will not prevent you from partaking in all your regular activities without glasses. Immediately after your surgery, you might experience good vision days and poor vision days for a few months after surgery. One eye may also see better than the other. Do not be alarmed, this represents normal healing and remolding of the cornea
  • How soon Can I Use the Computer after LASIK?

    The Day of your LASIK it is best to avoid the computer. Generally, you would be able to resume computer use the day after your laser vision procedure. When you stare at a computer or a book, your blink rate decreases. This means that you dont blink as many times per minute so that you dont loose your place. This worsens dry eye. You may need to have artificial tears handy while using the computer after LASIK and take frequent breaks to rest your eyes.

  • You might notice a transient and slight grittiness of your eyes for a few months following surgery. This is due to a temporary dryness during which time your tears are learning new patterns of flow. If you experience this feeling, put in the Lubricating Eye drops or Gel as and when you feel uncomfortable. These drops will greatly enhance your comfort and will make you see more clearly
  • You might notice that the sharpness of vision falls in conditions of dim light as in poorly lit restaurants or at dawn and dusk. This is normal and will pass away with time
  • Avoid getting dust, dirt or smoke in the eyes. This will irritate the eyes as well as increase the risk of infection
  • Some people have a slight difficulty with small printed matter following surgery. You might even experience headaches off and on for a month; these are temporary and will pass off. Non-prescription pain relief medicines may be taken as needed
  • Those above 40 years will require reading glasses and Would have been advised about the same before surgery. Reading glasses will be prescribed to you one week after the surgery
  • Do not leave town in the first week without consulting Dr. Nita Shah
  • If you injure your eye, experience pain or a sudden fall in vision, contact Dr. Nita Shah or Aayush Lasik centre immediately
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