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The Cost of LASIK

November 2014 by Dr Nita Shah

LASIK has improved the lives and vision of millions. Follow the pathway to choose a good surgeon, a good Laser center, with the right price. How do you decide what is a fair cost of LASIK?

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How Much Does LASIK Cost?

Your LASIK eye surgery cost will be determined by the type of LASIK you choose. There are two basic types of LASIK Laser eye surgery -

  1. Optimized and
  2. Customized LASIK
Quality of Lasik

LASIK Costs Based on Quality

The discount centers charge some amount less than the quality centers. In describing them this way I am not implying that the discounters dont have quality or the quality centers dont have fair prices. I have used these terms because the discounters have a specific focus on minimizing LASIK costs while the quality oriented centers have a specific focus on providing the best quality available for your vision, even if it costs a bit more. You will need to decide which approach makes the most sense for you and your eyes.

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Laser Eye Surgery Costs — The Quality of the Laser

The more quality oriented LASIK eye centers have tended to use the Alcon Wavelight Laser. These Lasers have some specific advantages and cost more to use than others.

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The LASIK Eye Surgery Costs — Commodity vs. Craft

If you believe that LASIK is a commodity where all Laser eye surgery and eye surgeons are the same and the only difference is price then you will probably choose a discounter. They are there for those that feel that way.

If you feel like me, that LASIK is a craft where individual attention and skill matter, where technology is evolving and LASIK is improving over time, then you will want to choose the LASIK eye center in your area which demonstrates the highest commitment to quality.

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The Bottom Line on LASIK Cost

I recommend you focus getting a good value rather just the price. Consider the quality you desire and then find that quality at a fair price.

At Aayush Lasik Centre we are striving to be the best Laser center . If you visit with us, I believe you will sense this commitment to quality in the equipment, the surgeons and staff, and the individual and kind way you are treated.

You should have LASIK at a good price, but even more important, at a good value. If we can help you, please schedule a time at our center to see the difference that quality and individual care could make for you.

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