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What is Cataract?

Cataract is the clouding of the natural lens in the eye. This lens is responsible for focusing and producing clear sharp images. Due to cataract, the vision dims since the cataract prevents light from passing beyond the lens and focusing on the retina

Symptoms of Cataract

  • Fuzzy or blurry vision
  • Difficulty in reading, watching television and driving, especially at night.
  • Colours appear dull or faded.
  • Frequent changes in eyeglass prescription.
The IOL Master-500

Cataract Surgery

Dr. Nita Shah
  • Complete pre-operative evaluation

    The most important aspect of a Cataract evaluation is the selection of the most suitable Intra-Ocular lens and for that at Aayush Eye Clinic we use state-of-the-art equipment:

    • The IOL Master-500(Carl Zeiss)
    • OCT-(Carl Zeiss)
    • Oculyzer(Pentacam)
  • The cataract surgery in Aayush Eye Clinic is
    • No Injection
    • No patch
    • No pain
    • No stitch
    • No Bleeding
    • Can resume work promptly

    The Main Operation Theater is fully equipped and is an all steel air locked one, with seamless fittings and coves at all the junctions-to maintain sterility. The flooring is Pastell conductive LG2 a Homogenous Linoleum with conductive backing and anti-static properties specifically for operating rooms (from Armstrong- International Flooring specialist).

    We have Air Purification and Fumigating Systems that are regularly monitored by an Independent Laboratory to maintain OT sterility Audit.

    All the surgeries are assisted by experienced Ophthalmic Assistants & Nurses. Anesthetists monitor all the patients in the OT with aid of Multi Para machines for Blood Pressure & Cardiac monitoring along with Pulse Oximetry.

    Intraocular surgery is better than ever!! With Latest microscopes Carl Zeiss Lumera 700 and Cataract surgery machines Alcon Infinity with Ozil Technology.



May not be, it depends on your general health and the condition of your eye, and also the type of your surgery that is planned. Generally after a short time you can resume your active life style.
To fully reap the benefits of a micro incision in a Phaco surgery, you need a foldable IOL. They pass through incisions as small as 1.8-2.65 mm with the help of newest generation unfolders. Thus your surgery will be almost an outpatient procedure! No Blood, No Stitch, No Injection. Only micro incision-foldable IOLs can make it for you!
If you compare the disadvantages of traditional surgery, inability to attend work/business for some days, poor vision etc. you will yourself appreciate that the marginal increase in cost of surgery is more than compensated.
Very often not. You may need to wear glasses only to fine tune your vision. These are normal glasses and not those ‘thick’ spectacles as in the past.
  • Multifocal lenses are available which have both the powers, distance & near in one lens. They are only for select individuals where they give the advantages of multifocal eyesight.Also,multifocality, improves even more after both eyes are done. The latest generation multifocal lenses offer excellent functional vision at intermediate distance too such as using the computer.
  • Toric lenses are designed for people with astigmatism (cylindrical power) to give clearer vision and reduce dependence on glasses. Now technology has allowed us the luxury of Toric multifocal lenses, for patients who desire spectacle independence for distance & near vision despite having Cylindrical power.
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