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Dos and Donts

The good news is that diabetic cataract surgery is just like standard cataract removal with a couple of special steps in the preparation, timing, and post-operative protections.

outdoor activities

When can I resume all outdoor activities

You can within a week depending on the condition of your eye the next day and the type of activity viz going to office that you would want to start.Wear protective eyewear or shades to prevent dust and wind from entering the eye.


When can I shave and take a shower?

You can shave from the first day but It would be advisable to take a shower or pour water on the face and hair after a few days so that tap water does not enter the eyes.Some people are used to oiling their hair and body ,that can be done after the first week of Surgery.


When can I start cooking?

Indian cooking entails a lot of fumes.You may use the microwave from day one but can cook on the stove after a week.


Can I put Vermillon(Kumkum) on the forehead?

After 4 weeks kumkum,chandan etc can be applied on the forehead as it may cause infection in the operated eye.

comb your hair

You can brush your teeth,comb your hair and have the diet that you are used to daily.

These situations may differ from patient to patient and would be advisable to ask the doctor before doing any activity which could allow dust or infection to enter the eye.

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