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The Cost of Cataract Surgery

November 2014 by Dr Nita Shah

The cost of cataract surgery is an important topic because it is the most commonly performed surgery in the world. Most major medical plans do cover cataract surgery costs after an initial priod of 2 years from the commencement of the policy.


When is Cataract Surgery Medically Necessary?

Most consider your cataract ripe, or medically necessary, if your vision is 20/50 or worse with glasses AND your vision bothers you in real life situations (trouble seeing signs or reading, etc). If your visual problems reach this stage, they are considered medically necessary.

The amount your insurance company will pay depends on the company and your policy.

cost of surgery

Cost of Advanced Cataract Surgery vs. Basic Cataract Surgery Costs

The basic cataract surgery costs are covered by Insurance. The additional cataract surgery costs may or may not be covered and would be out of pocket expenses for the upgrade. The upgrade may be necessary to decrease your astigmatism,for better quality vision at varying distances(Multifocal Lens). There are additional benefits to advanced cataract surgery - of increased precision and decreased swelling.

Cost of intraocular lenses

Cost of intraocular lenses

A lens implant (intraocular lens) is provided in the package cost. If you prefer an advanced technology intraocular lens that provides benefits like a toric IOL or a multifocal IOL the package changes accordingly.

Time Off Work

Time Off Work

Time off work or away from important activities is part of the cost of cataract surgery. Fortunately, cataract surgery recovery is usually quick and most can return to work within a few days or so of the procedure(depending upon their occupational requirements). If there is a large difference between your two eyes after the surgery while you are waiting for your second eye to have the procedure, it can create some imbalance. This could create issues with depth perception. If you are involved in activities like climbing ladders etc. You might have to take more time off work.

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